Lunch Menu

  • Drinks that makes you happy $10.50

  • Montheiths patriot APA

  • Tiger

  • Golden lager

  • Mocktails $9.50

  • Flu fighter

    NZ honey and lemon (served cold or warm)

  • Ginger nojito

    Warm up your day with a kick of ginger, fresh mint, lime, sugar syrup and soda

  • Virgin thai

    The unleaded version of the pina colada

  • Virgin mango mojito

    A perfect treat for anytime of the day, mango muddled to perfection with fresh mint and lime

  • Iced bai toey

    Sweet aroma of extracted pandan leaf over ice with homemade pandam jelly and sugar syrup

  • Coco cooler

    Refresh the day with coconut water, lime and mint

  • Lunch Menu $17.90 One Plate Wonder

    Choice of main served with Jasmine rice except noodle dishes.
    Gluten free option can be accommodated on request.

    Level of hotness:
    S – mild
    SS – medium

  • Too hot to handle (S)

    Aromatic, mild yellow curry with free range chicken, potatoes and sweet red chilli

  • Pad kaprao (SS)

    National favourite: minced chicken, chilli, garlic and basil leaves topped with fried egg

  • Sizzling hot (S)

    Sizzling strips of Angus beef with garlic, ginger and pepper sauce

  • Oodles of noodles

    Pad thai with chicken, prawns, eggs, bean sprouts and peanut along with a wedge of lemon

  • Flash in a pan

    Stir-fried chicken with cashews, seasonal vegetables and oyster sauce

  • Pad si-ew

    Stir-fried thick rice noodle with chicken, eggs and chinese greens in dark soy sauce

  • Salt & pepper squid (SS)

    Sichuan pepper, rock salt and chili flakes accompanied with Som Tum Thai salad

  • Khao kha moo (S)

    Slow-braised pork meat served with boiled egg and asian greens with a side of chilli vinegar

  • Green options (SS)

    Green curry with seasonal vegetables and crispy fried tofu
    Wok fried market green sauteed with black bean sauce


Bar Menu

  • Tap beer

  • Tiger

    • 400ml 10.50
    • 500ml 12.50
    • 1.8L 36.00
  • Golden lager

    • 400ml 10.50
    • 500ml 12.50
    • 1.8L 36.00
  • Monteiths patriot APA

    • 400ml 10.50
    • 500ml 12.50
    • 1.8L 36.00
  • Wine

  • Jules taylor pinot gris 2020

    • glass 12.00
    • bottle 58.00
  • Jules taylor pinot noir 2019

    • glass 12.00
    • bottle 65.00
  • Bar Menu

  • Local fresh oyster

    • each 5.00

    freshly shucked

  • Shoe string fries

    • 9.00

    served with aioli dip

  • Plamuk krathiem

    • 18.00

    fried squid with garlic and pepper

  • Mhu grob

    • 18.00

    twice cooked pork belly

  • Black tiger prawns

    • 13.50

    crusted with coconut, lemongrass and kaffir lime zest

  • Spicy buffalo wings

    • 14.50

    fried chicken nibbles marinated in palm sugar, garlic, coriander and soy

  • Pot of green lipped mussels

    • 18.00

    steamed with lemongrass, galangal, kaffir lime and coconut milk

  • Bbq pork ribs

    • 18.00

    smoky, spiced with a hit of lemongrass, galangal and coriander roots